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Human evolves, in term of mindsets and maturity as well as their way of living. In terms of thinking, the need and hunger for better things never ends in our mind. Sacrifices made and lost, physically or mentally for their goals and achievements. In reaching out the goals, many are lost, and forgotten, their beliefs, themself and where they are from and what is their purpose. Yet, everyt
hing that they once holding on to, fading out slowly.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tukar ke KASPERSKY 2016 Sekarang!

Kaspersky Antivirus - antivirus only, without firewall.
Kaspersky Internet Security - antivirus + firewall. If you online oftenly(don't you?), you will need internet security instead of antivirus, because antivirus can't block hackers on the internet, it just blocks viruses.

Why choose Kaspersky?: 
Seriously, I have been in this selling antivirus industry for a few years. All I can say is no antivirus beats Kaspersky. Its detection of viruses simply beats its competitors.
Nowadays data and our PCs are the most important things to us. Don't risk by saving some money and use free antivirus. Online scams, internet banking frauds are very common. And I can tell you if you use Kaspersky, you can have a rest of your mind.

For android users, I highly recommend you to get Kaspersky instead of using the free antivirus on Play store. (No, this is not marketing tactic or I would like to get sales. I, personally have used free antivirus for android before and my device still infected by virus(eg: device slow down, device acting very weird). We are using our phone every single day from morning till night. Activities like online shopping, online banking, FB are very personal stuffs. We don't want to risk our device to hackers or viruses. We can spend one or two thousands to get a phone or tablet, we must protect it. Also: it comes with Anti-Theft feature which helps you to recover lost phone in case you lose it.

A) Kaspersky Antivirus 2016/2015 (1 year 1 PC) = RM25
B) Kaspersky Antivirus 2016/2015 (1 year 3 PC) =  RM35

C) Kaspersky Internet Security 2016/2015 (1 year 1 PC) = RM30
D) Kaspersky Internet Security 2016/2015 (1 year 3 PC) = RM50 * Hot Item!!!!Selling Fast!

E) Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (1 year 1 device) = RM18

F) Bitdefender Total Security 2015 (1 year 1 PC) = RM30
G) Bitdefender Total Security 2015 (1 year 3 PC) =   RM55

Resellers are most welcome!! %%%%% (Contact Me For Special Price Quotes) %%%%%%
Our activation code works on international version ALL AROUND THE WORLD, can use/sell to international buyers. eg: US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam...

Earn easy money like everyone one else does by selling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog... or even change this email content to your details then forward to your friends and start selling. Buy from me only when you have order. You don't keep stock, so you don't lose money at all. EVERYONE CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE!! If you find this post useful, kindly share it to your friends to help them secure their PCs or make money $$

*Please note that you are buying -:

1) Kedai pun jual dengan harga RM120 untuk KIS 3PC. Yang ni separuh harga pun tak sampai. Biar betul?? Ntah2 code tipu."
Jawapan kami untuk anda : Produk yang kami jual murah kerana:
 -Hanya ACTIVATION CODE untuk pengaktifan produk Kaspersky yang anda beli.
 -Tidak disertakan kotak yang berwarna-warni yang anda tak guna pun lepas beli.
 -Kos seperti pengangkutan dan sewa lot kedai kat LOWYAT dah takda.

2) "Haritu aku ada beli kat kawan aku, tapi kene blacklist juga. Baik beli kat kedai. Lagi selamat." Jawapan kami untuk anda : Soalan ni, memang soalan paling minat untuk kami jawab. Jika anda pernah membeli daripada penjual seperti kami, kemudian lesen Kaspersky anda di'blacklisted' oleh Kaspersky, terdapat TIGA kemungkinan:
 i) Pengguna itu sendiri telah menggunakan KOD dengan melebihi had
 cth:KIS 1PC diguna di 2 komputer atau lebih.
ii) KOD yang dijual tidak fresh, telah digunakan, atau tidak GENUINE. Genuine KOD mesti tepat 365 hari. TIDAK KURANG TIDAK LEBIH.
 iii) Masalah server Kaspersky. Hal ini pernah berlaku sekali dan kami harap ianya tidak akan berlaku lagi.

3) "Kalau kena blacklist juga. Nak buat apa?"
Jawapan kami untuk anda : Anda mempunyai hak yang sama dengan pembeli Kaspersky dari kedai. Jika KOD anda di'blacklisted', Anda hanya perlu beri bukti kepada kami dengan menghantar print screen dan KOD yang bermasalah itu. Kami akan beri KOD lain ATAU duit anda akan kami kembalikan. Tetapi, kami jamin 200% yang KOD ini tidak akan di'blacklist' selagi perkara-perkara diatas tidak berlaku.

Tukar ke KASPERSKY 2015 Sekarang! @ Perbaharui Lesen yang Dah Tamat !

Download here : http://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/internet-security
Or here : http://www.kaspersky.com/trials#tab=tab-1

Order Step :

1) Whatsapp: +60194498945 or email: nezam@nezam.my 
2) Wait for my confirmation (I will reply as fast as possible)
3) Make payment
4) Receive activation code + download link of the software(upon request)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Has anyone managed to use Huawei E372 with TP-LINK TL MR3040

Just wanted to share this...

To make Huawei E372 modem work with TP-LINK TL-MR3040.

  1. Make sure your Firmware Version is : 3.14.2 Build 120822 Rel.40902n else please download here. Please follow the instruction as mentioned in the zip folder

  2. Change Authentication Type : Chap

  3. If necessary only .. your modem still not connected. Go To Advance button and Set Manual else just leave as it is

    Thank You!

Sample only :

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Floor Tiles Supplier

Dapatkan floor tiles/mozek mengikut design yang anda mahu di http://seramikonline.blogspot.com, kami merupakan pembekal sah mozek berjenama ini dan menawarkan harga yang murah dan berpatutan. Segala pertanyaan atau sample/contoh tiles/mozek boleh lah layari laman web kami di http://seramikonline.blogspot.com.